Jack and the Magic Clock

chapter 1. The arrival of the magic clock

Jack was a bright, energetic and caring little boy, just 2 and 3 quarters he would jump about, play, paint and use his boundless energy to cause chaos wherever he went.  Jack lived in a big house in Carlisle with his Mammy and Daddy.

One day whilst Jack was building a tower there was a knock, knock, knock on the door.   It was a delivery company with what looked like a huge parcel.   All of 7 feet tall and 2 feet wide it was big and Jack was excited about what could be in it.  There was a card attached to the giant parcel addressed to Master Jack Bond.  It said;

Dear Jack,

This is a very special Grandfather Clock for a very special little boy.  Have fun with it.


Grandad Frog.

Grandad Frog was an antiques dealer and often had exciting treasures from faraway places so Jack was curious about the clock but it just looked like a big grandfather clock and not special at all.  It ticked and tocked and ticked and tocked but just sat there, chiming every hour which was really quite annoying, especially at night time!

The clock sat in the hallway for many months and although curious, Jack could not think why Grandad Frog would think he would have fun with it.  Then…one-day when playing hide and seek Jack opened the door and climbed into the space where the pendulum was swinging to keep the clock in time… tick tock tick tock, it really was quite loud but Jack stood silently in the clock and no-one could guess where he was hiding.  Jack laughed to himself as he got out of the big grandfather clock – that really is the best hiding place he thought.  I will use that again.

It was a few days before Jack played hide and seek again, but when he did he snook into the Grandfather clock, carefully closing the door behind him and standing quietly so no one could hear him.   Jack didn’t realise it was exactly 1 minute to 12 and in a few short seconds the clock would be chiming the hour again.

Ding dong, ding dong went the clock – It was really very loud and made Jack jump so much he nearly jumped all the way out of the clock. He decided he needed to get out his hiding place before it chimed again but before he could a very strange thing happened.

With a whoosh and a bang and a crash and a whollop Jack felt his whole body zooming through the air like a bird flying high in the sky.  It was all white like flying through an enormous cloud but Jack couldn’t see a thing anyway as he had his eyes firmly shut.  He did not know what on earth was happening.  Whoooooosh, crash.  It felt like he had landed with a thud!

To his amazement, Jack was still inside the Grandfather Clock, quick as a flash he pushed his way through the door and back out of the clock into the hallway….WHAT?? this is not the hallway…

Jack did not know it but he was in a very special place called Cloudsdale, just to the south of the crystal mountains in the magical kingdom of Equestria.

What on earth is going on he thought.  Looking out from the Clock he saw a huge meadow and trees and mountains.  There were kingfishers and Woodpeckers flying through the air and what looked like lots of brightly coloured ponies playing in the field below.  In the distance there were some huge snow capped mountains shrouded in darkness. He was just by a big blue lake which had thousands and thousands of fish in it, yellow and pink and blue and orange, there were fish of all shapes and sizes and every colour of the rainbow.  Some had spots and some had stripes…they really were the funniest looking fish he had ever seen.  He moved closer to the edge of the lake but felt quite strange as he got closer – like he was trotting and not really walking.