Domain Registration Service

choose the right URL for your new business

Domain Registration

Domain Registration is straightforward and easy and we would recommend using a provider such as to register your new domain.

There are various extensions available nowadays but the most common are still .com and which cost approximately £10 per year for .com and £3 per year for If you purchase your domain for 5 years or more, you should expect to pay much less per year.

Domain Registration Tips

  • Domain Length – Keep domain names to a reasonable length – shorter domain names are easier to remember and have less chance of being misspelt when typed or shared.
  • TLD – Use a top level domain such as or .com as these are most associated with legitimate websites and best known by consumers.
  • Choosing a Name – Striking a balance between a catchy name and using keywords that you are trying to target is important as the domain name is a ranking factor in search engines. Any links generated to your site will also have the keyword in the URL string which is also a factor in ranking websites.   Your domain name should ideally be one to two words if possible.
  • Domain Privacy – When you register a domain name your details are registered in the WHOIS Database which stores all the domain registration details. You can hide this information using Domain Privacy which ensures your personal details are not visible. This costs approximately £5 per year.

Domain Research & Registration

If you would like help finding the perfect domain for your business, we can identify suitable options and register domains as required. We will research available names and provide you with a list of suitable options. In many cases the domain name you want will be your business name so it should be straightforward.

Once you have decided on a domain get in touch about web design in Carlisle or our guaranteed SEO service.   If you are planning a new business/website we have a complete web design and marketing package that provides a cost effective method of getting your business idea online.